Fear Of Going To Jail OCD (OCD & Harm OCD)

Fear Of Going To Jail OCD

You don’t have to panic about having an excessive fear of ending up in jail, as it’s a relatively common complaint made by people with OCD. However, with Harm OCD, obsessions can tend to be quite overwhelming as you’re constantly worried about inflicting harm on your loved ones or even random strangers, in which case … Read more

Why Is My Breath Really Hot? Is It Serious?

Why Is My Breath Really Hot?

A common culprit of having a hot breath is fever. An increasing body temperature signals that your body is initiating an immune response to fight an infection from viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. The hot breath may also indicate other underlying health conditions such as respiratory diseases, anxiety and stress, dehydration, and hormonal changes. But it … Read more

Fizzing Sound In Throat When Lying Down

Fizzing Sound In Throat When Lying Down

If you hear a fizzy noise that doesn’t occur often, it’s quite harmless and doesn’t necessarily mean something’s wrong with you. But if it’s persistent, you might be looking at an underlying medical condition. GERD is usually the most common culprit as it involves acid bubbles leaking up your esophagus into your throat. GERD can … Read more

I Don’t Like Being Touched Anymore (For Young Adults & Couples)

I Don't Like Being Touched Anymore

As a young adult, your reason for not liking being touched anymore could include haphephobia, OCD, sensory processing disorder, asexuality, trauma or abuse, or not liking being touched outside of sex. As someone with a more permanent partner, your reasons could vary like postpartum depression, work stress, lost feelings, or touch equals sex. While most … Read more

8 Triggers For Vomiting Through Nose While Sleeping

Vomiting Through Your Nose While Sleeping?

You’d be surprised to find out that vomiting through your nose while sleeping is pretty common. It can be associated with stomach acid reflux, sleep apnea, pregnancy-related changes, and it can also occur in newborns and babies who bring up milk after breastfeeding. The squeezing action of the stomach muscles causes increased pressure in your … Read more

Why Am I Not Able To Lift With My Left Hand?

Why Am I Not Able To Lift With My Left Hand?

The reason you find it difficult to lift your hand can be obvious, like hand injuries and the over usage of your wrists and fingers. At the same time, it can also be a symptom of a larger disease like Ganglion Cysts and even chronic anxiety. So while left-arm pain could be related to a … Read more

Why Do I Have a Constant Urge to Take Deep Breaths?

COVID-19 survivors can face this problem for quite some time, but mostly this constant urge to take a deep breath is a sign of anxiety or air hunger. I wasn’t feeling anything close to stress, but the doctor ruled out the cause to be anxiety. I received some medications and advice on dealing with the … Read more

Why Am I Never Hungry? (And Feel Sick When I Eat)

Why Am I Never Hungry? (And Feel Sick When I Eat)

You are not hungry because you might be facing some health issues or physical issues. For example, stress, anxiety, pregnancy, and depression can be the health issues that lead to loss of appetite. On the other hand, weather changes, aging, or change in lifestyle can be the reason for your appetite loss as well. Although … Read more

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