Rubber Band Feeling Around Ankle (What’s Causing It?)

Rubber Band Feeling Around Ankle

Rubber band feeling around ankles may be caused by many disorders. First, plantar fasciitis affects the band spread under our feet from heels to toes. Secondly, peripheral neuropathy may be a central nervous system disorder that can affect muscles even in the ankles. Thirdly, injury to the tendons around the ankles can cause inflation and … Read more

Why Do My Ankles Swell When I Travel? (Heat Edema & Precautions)

Why Do My Ankles Swell When I Travel?

Many factors can cause swollen ankles, including long periods of inactivity, dehydration, low cabin pressure, sudden weather changes, and food low in magnesium or high in salt. Staying active during long hours of travel is of utmost importance. Keeping your body in movement in between is highly recommended. There are several precautions you can take … Read more

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