Stabbing Pain After Gallbladder Removal – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

A young woman is in pain after gallbladder removal surgery.

Stabbing pain after gallbladder removal is a common issue caused by various factors such as post-operative inflammation, post-cholecystectomy syndrome, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, adhesions, nerve damage, or a hernia. It is essential to speak with your doctor to determine the specific cause of your pain and discuss the appropriate treatment options, including medications, physical therapy, … Read more

Xiphoid Process Sticking Out After Pregnancy – Causes & Treatment

Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy

The Xiphoid process sticking out after pregnancy causes pain, tightness, and pressure leading to a condition called Xiphodynia. Xiphodynia may result from traumatic experiences to the Xiphoid process, acid reflux, heart disease, weight gain, or weight lifting. All of these are common things to experience during pregnancy. After a diagnosis, pregnant women will be told … Read more

Why Does It Feel Like Something Is Moving In My Stomach? Ab Pain Or Pregnancy?

Why Does It Feel Like Something Is Moving In My Stomach?

If you feel something is moving in your stomach, it could be a cryptic pregnancy, phantom kicks, or ovulation period creating a false sensation. Other issues could be at fault, including digestion, indigestion, muscle spasm, allergic reaction, intestinal obstruction, or diverticulitis. These issues can be diagnosed from other symptoms besides a sensation of movement and … Read more

What Happens If I Swallowed A Chicken Bone? (Risk Factors and Treatment)

What Happens If I Swallowed A Chicken Bone?

If you swallowed a sharp and long chicken bone, it could be dangerous as it may cause internal complications in your gastrointestinal tract. A sharp foreign object may puncture the linings of your esophagus down to your intestinal wall or cause blockage in your rectal area. If the doctor finds out about these after an … Read more

What Happens If You Eat Glass Pieces? (Symptoms & Action Steps)

What Happens If You Eat Glass Pieces?

Swallowing glass, whatever its size, can definitely cause damage at some level. The human digestive tract, all the way from our mouth right to our intestine, has a very delicate lining. Sharp and blunt objects can cause damage to this inner lining. If the glass piece you swallowed was tiny, then it should pass through … Read more

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