Rose Water During Pregnancy (6 General & Medicinal Benefits Of Consuming Rose Water)

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Rose water has a lot of skin and medicinal benefits. You should, however, use all products, including rose water, with precaution during pregnancy. Too much might be harmful to the unborn child.

Rose water can help improve our mental and physical health after drinking it. Others use it for skin care and have attested that it has boosted their overall skin glow. And yet others find that rose water boosts their overall good mood, a must-have.

Although much positive feedback has emerged from using rose water, we still need to dig deeper. Should you use or drink rose water during pregnancy?

When pregnant, some products and medications receive a degree of concern. This attention comes in because the fetus might get harmed by what we consume.

Rose water has gained popularity in the cosmetic industry. Every woman has that urge to keep glowing skin no matter the circumstance.

Being pregnant proves one of the major circumstances that most women prefer using rose water.

If you want to understand how safe taking rose water by drinking or on your skin might be, please keep reading this article.

So, is rose water safe during pregnancy?

The benefits, and possible dangers of taking rose water, have not yet received scientific health approval. However, most people attest to the cosmetic benefits proven over generations by the use of rose water.

Pregnant women are always advised to take things in moderation regarding cosmetic and medicinal products.

Health professionals advise drinking little rose water daily for pregnant mothers.

So, if you keep everything in the moderate range, rose water won’t be harmful even if you use it during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of rose water on your skin?

1. Rose water helps control oily skin

It might be expected for most women to suffer from oily skin during pregnancy.

As the hair develops in abundance during pregnancy, excess sebum gets released on your skin.

Applying rose water on the skin often allows for a balanced and soothed skin condition. When the skin gets balanced, excess oil gets controlled, and you enjoy oil-free skin.

2. Toning the skin

Rose water helps you acquire the best-toned skin. A skin toner comes after skin cleansing.

It helps close pores that open during cleansing. In addition, a skin toner keeps the skin tight, preventing early aging symptoms.

Rose water contains astringent properties that help tone the skin.

It also maintains the skin PH proving it the best skin toning product. In addition, using rose water as a skin toner won’t harm you when pregnant.

3. Rose water helps with inflammation

Rose water has some of the best anti-inflammatory properties.

Since pregnancy comes with problematic skin that proves easily irritated, rose water might bring some comfort. Try using rose water application on your skin if you find it irritating during pregnancy.

4. Rose water helps keeps your face acne-free

Most women fight acne during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman is frustrated with the increased acne on her face after recently  becoming pregnant

As the hormones increase during pregnancy, they might affect your facial skin by developing acne.

If you use rose water on your face daily, it helps treat the acne giving you smooth facial skin.

5. Your skin gets moisturized and refreshed

If you use rose water during your pregnancy, it helps keep your skin moisturized and refreshed.

Rose water contains sufficient water molecules that may penetrate the skin keeping it moisturized.

Applying rose water as a facial mist proves the best way to keep your skin lighter.

6. Rose water lightens dark skin spots

Have you developed dark eye spots during your pregnancy? Since most women have insomnia during pregnancy, dark eye circles may eventually form.

Soaking cotton balls with rose water and placing them on your eyes for about fifteen minutes might be the best remedy.

Rose water helps keep away these dark circles making you beautiful.

What are the medicinal benefits of rose water?

Drinking a little rose water might help you with the following:

1. Rose water for respiration

Rose water proves ideal for relaxing throat muscles and boosting airflow during respiratory infections.

Taking a little rose water might help treat sore throats in pregnant women.

2. Rose water helps with various eye problems

Putting a small amount of rose water in your eyes helps treat eye infections and other eye problems. You just have to put a drop or two in your eyes to start having some of your eye problems sorted.

Other health conditions that rose water might treat include:

  • Acute dacryocystitis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Pinguecula
  • Cataracts

3. Rose water helps heal wounds

Rose water proves an ideal antiseptic for wounds. It also has anti-bacterial properties that help wounds heal faster.

Wounds like burn wounds, cuts, and scars heal faster upon cleaning them with rose water.

4. Rose water helps treat infections

Infections require strong antiseptics that help the immune system create histamines. Rose water has shown success in treating infections.

So, if you want to treat a stubborn infection during pregnancy, applying and taking the required rose water dosage proves helpful.

5. Rose water treats headaches

Over the years, rose water vapors have proven excellent for aromatherapy.

A pregnant woman is sitting down with her eyes closed as she is dealing with her headache

As these fumes diffuse into the atmosphere, they bring a relaxing feeling that helps treat headaches.

Inhaling the vapors in limited amounts can help treat headaches and migraines during pregnancy.

6. Rose water and mental health

If you suffer from stress, grief, depression, or tension, rose water vapors or drinking a little might help. This is because these conditions get associated with a protein called Amyloid.

This protein fragment causes these mental conditions. It hinders memory function, kills cells, and affects brain functions.

Drinking rose water inhibits the Amyloid’s functioning, improving the patients’ moods and mental health. Traditionally, this method got used to enhance a person’s mood.

Rose water contains anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities that may help treat these conditions.

Here’s a quick summary again of the benefits of rose water:

Skin benefitsMedical benefits
Prevents oily skinHelps in respiration
Tones the skinRose water treats eye problems
Prevents acneHeals wounds
Prevents irritation problemsTreats infections
Moisturizes skinTreats headaches
Removes black eye spotsPerfect for mental health


What happens if you drink rose water every day?

Drinking the correct dosage of rose water allows you to enjoy many skin and medical benefits.

Can you have too much rose water?

Rose water has a limited daily intake. You should not drink or use too much of it, especially if pregnant.

Can I have hibiscus tea when pregnant?

Hibiscus tea might induce labor. Therefore, you should avoid it during pregnancy.

How many times should you use rose water in a day?

If you need rose water for your skin, you may apply it after taking a bath. For medicinal purposes, you should always go by your doctor’s prescription.


Rose water proves beneficial to pregnant and non-pregnant women alike. It has received numerous reviews about boosting the skin glow in most users.

When enjoying these benefits when pregnant, remember to use the recommended amount. Too much rose water might harm your unborn child. 

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