Left Side Of Body Feels Weird (5 Possible Causes Of Why It Happens)

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A weird feeling on the left side of the body can be caused by, among many things, spleen issues, heart attack, gas in the digestive system, and the rupture of a left ovarian cyst. It can also be due to sprain and strain on left side muscles and tendons, testicular torsion, sciatica, and problems with the left kidney.

Several conditions may make your left side feel weird. Talking of odd, consider pain or any discomfort that is not normal.

Any pain or weirdness on the left side involves internal organs, nerves, and muscles.

Some causes of weird feelings on the left side of the body tend to be trivial and can be assumed till they resolve on their own.

But, on the other hand, that weird feeling may be a symptom of a serious medical issue that requires immediate or emergency medical attention.

Therefore, it is important to consider where the location of the feeling. For example, the feeling can be from the nerves on your left side of the body. It can also be from muscles on your left side of the body like the left arm, shoulder, back, and thigh muscles.

Why do we get pain on the left side?

Sometimes the pain can be from internal organs on the left side of your body.

A woman is sitting down and holding on to the left side of her waist, as it's causing her a lot of pain.

Such organs may include the heart, the left lung, the left kidney, the spleen, the left ovary, and the testis. In addition, gas in the digestive system may likely cause weird feelings.

Given the above information, you may have to consider some conditions that may bring weird feelings to the left side of the body.

Some conditions include spleen complications, diverticulitis, heart attack, sciatica, gas, sprain or strain, ovarian cyst, and testicular torsion.

In our article, we will discuss some reasons why your left side of the body feels weird and how to deal with such conditions.

Causes of the left side of the body feeling weird

1. Spleen complications

The spleen is normally on the left side of the abdominal cavity. It’s next to the stomach and directly beneath the left ribs.

The spleen’s function is instrumental for the body’s immunity, yet we can easily live without the spleen since most of its functions are taken up by the liver in its absence.

An injury to the spleen can cause it to become damaged. In addition, the injury can cause it to become inflamed and thus enlarged.

You may also experience uncomfortable symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea accompanying your left side’s uncomfortable, weird feeling.

Spleen complications are treated through diet specification and a prescription of antibiotics and painkillers. Surgery may be used to remove the spleen in more dire circumstances.

Anyone can easily survive without a spleen since the liver takes up most of its functions.

2. Heart attack

A man is clenching both his hands on the left side of his chest as if he might be having a heart attack.

A heart attack happens due to blockage in the arteries that supply blood to the heart, namely the coronary artery and vein.

Fatty deposits in the arteries may be responsible for such blockage. In due time the blocking causes less oxygen supply to the muscles of the heart, which may make them eventually.

When you are having a heart attack, you may experience pain and pressure on the middle or left side of the chest, left arm, and neck, discomfort, sweat and shortness of breath, and lightheadedness.

Like many other heart complications, heart attacks are fatal and need immediate and emergency medical attention.

Therefore, if you experience any signs of a heart attack, you must take hasty precautions to get medical attention as fast as possible.

3. Gas in the digestive system

Gas in the gut can cause a lot of discomfort in the colon and the stomach.

The gas build-up is felt on the left side since the stomach is located more on the left side hence any gas build-up in it cause a general weird feeling on the left side of the body.

You may wonder what causes all that gas. When we eat, we swallow a lot of air along with the food we eat and the drinks we take.

Eventually, these gases get caught up in our gut and need to be released. They end up causing a lot of discomfort and pain.

Eating greasy foods can also cause gas build-up in the gut when the fatty foods interact with the bacteria in the stomach during the digestive process.

To reduce such gases, you must release them either through belching or passing them out through the rectum.

You must also drink enough water, reduce intake of greasy foods, increase intake of fiber-rich foods and take anti/acids and gastric tonics if available.

4. Rupture of an ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts form on or inside the ovary of women.

A gynecologist is showing his patient a model of an ovary to show how an ovarian cyst could be treated.

Usually, they are fluid-filled and quite harmless. However, they can occur on either the left or right ovaries. Though harmless, they bring a lot of discomforts and can cause serious symptoms upon rupture.

In case of rupture, you may experience bleeding, pain, and discomfort in the lower abdomen’s left side, especially when the left ovary is affected.

To diagnose and treat ovarian cysts, you may have to get pelvic scans once you experience such a weird feeling on the lower left side of your abdomen.

5. Other possible causes that your left side feels weird

Some other reasons your left side of the body may be feeling weird may include sprains and strains to your muscles on the left side of your body, not to forget muscle pulls.

Other causes may be problems affecting nerves on your left side, such as the much-known condition of sciatica.

A woman is clenching her lower back as she is having pain from her sciatica.

Testicular torsion happens when the testicles rotate around each other, thus twisting the spermatic cord and even the vas deferens.

That twisting causes pain and discomfort on the left lower side of the abdomen.

You may also feel weird on your left body side when the left kidney is infected or undergoing some complications or diseases like kidney stones and other kidney complications.


What is paresthesia anxiety?

Paresthesia anxiety causes a feeling of tingling and pricking on the skin and has a spontaneous onset.


Either trivial or serious body complications can cause a weird feeling on the left side of the body. There are even specific complications that could happen if the right side of your body was hurting.

To determine whether the issue is trivial or serious, you must use your discretion and instincts and visit your doctor for proper consultation and diagnosis.

Knowing the cause of the weird feeling, taking the necessary measurements, and avoiding presumptions, myths, and over-the-counter medications.

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