Is Sprite Good When You’re Sick?

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Yes, Sprite helps in relieving various symptoms like vomiting and nausea when sick. It also helps when you get dehydrated or get the flu. You should, however, drink Sprite at a minimum, as excessive consumption can bring about other problems.

When I was growing up, I had a terrible amoeba disease. One time I was in so much stomach pain, and it was late in the night. My mother didn’t know what type of medication to offer me exactly. We had some medicine at home, but she preferred prescribed medication. So she rushed to the fridge and got me a cold sprite.

I sat down as I took a sip at a time, the pain reduced drastically, and I burped a few times. The taste was refreshing, and it took away nausea, and I was able to sleep through the night. Every time my stomach pained, I took a sip of Sprite.

It wasn’t until I was grown up that I learned that Sprite offered no medicinal value. Actually, until today, if I get a stomach ache, nausea, or vomiting in my home, we take Sprite as we prepare to go to the hospital.

So, could you be thinking just like me? Does Sprite help when we get sick? Let’s keep reading this article to find out some facts about Sprite and sickness.

Does Sprite help when we get sick?

Sprite may get classified in the category of soft drinks as a Soda. Since it has a good after taste, this drink will do well in preventing nausea. Most people find Sprite the perfect drink when they feel sick with various diseases.

What health conditions is Sprite believed to help?

Have you heard someone request Sprite or other carbonated drinks in certain conditions? The following conditions may find Sprite a booster.

1. Vomiting

When we vomit, we lose a lot of water through dehydration. So the body needs to keep hydrated, and taking liquids, especially water, helps fight dehydration.

In most instances, drinks like sodas and energy drinks become helpful. For example, the extra sugar found in Sprite helps in providing energy to the body.

The sugars replace those lost during dehydration. This soft drink also contains water. Some people find water tasteless when sick and may have a low appetite, affecting how they drink water.

Sprite soda tastes better and helps in replenishing those lost components. However, since this drink has no healing properties, you should see a doctor sooner after you start vomiting.

2. Nausea

When I was pregnant, I found Sprite effective in relieving nausea. Whenever that vomiting feeling could come up, I took a sip of my sprite drink. To my release, the nausea feeling would disappear.

And you know that with pregnancy, nausea may never go away for a long time. So, Sprite served to lift my moods and keep the feeling away for months till I gave birth.

If you get nauseated, try taking Sprite, and the taste alone keeps nausea away. The lemon-like fragrance and the carbonation help in making you feel nausea-free.

3. Flu

Influenza, commonly called flu, leaves everybody feeling tired from the running nose. In addition, a lot of mucus secretion may irritate your nostrils and make you feel sick. When down with a flue, the Montana State University recommends a few measures, including drinking Sprite.

We all need to take at least 2 liters of fluids when down with flu. Water, Sprite, ginger ale, broth soup, and tea help get to the 2-liter fluids mark.

Although Sprite has no medicinal value, it helps hydrate the body and provide energy due to its sugary nature.

Other treatment measures to treat flu include:

  • Getting plenty of rest
  • If you develop a stuffy and runny nose, consider using a decongestant
  • If you get a cough, consider using a cough syrup
  • Use fever-reducing medication like ibuprofen in case you develop a fever.

4. An Upset Stomach

When you get an upset stomach or abdominal pain, you may develop other symptoms like nausea and vomiting. These symptoms may be relieved by non-caffeinated clear drinks like Sprite. Sometimes, hyperacidity may cause blotting and lead to an upset stomach.

Taking Sprite introduces carbon in the tummy since it’s a carbonated drink. The burping that follows helps release the excess gas, and you may end up feeling some temporary relief. However, it also requires that you see a doctor to determine the cause of your upset stomach and receive medication.

5. Appetite loss

When we get sick, our appetite may disappear. You feel that you don’t want to eat or drink anything. At this time, you require to drink up to two liters of fluids and eat a balanced diet.

As much as you take multivitamins to boost your appetite, drinking a glass of sprite soda may help. The sugars add to your energy levels, and the water in the soda helps you stay hydrated. However, it would be best to not make drinking soda a routine but try to take healthy diets and pure water.

A glass of Sprite will make your mouth after-taste better and improve the taste of food and other drinks.

Health conditions that a glass of Sprite may offer temporary relief:
Upset Stomach
Appetite loss


Does Sprite help with dehydration?

Sprite drink contains water as an ingredient. When you get dehydrated, the water in the soda may help in hydration as well. You should drink pure water too to help treat dehydration faster.

What should I drink after vomiting?

Vomiting releases the digestive acids in our stomach to the mouth along with vomit. This vomiting leaves a bitter after-taste in our mouths.
You will find Sprite refreshing after vomiting. The sweet after-taste replaces the bitter one from vomit.

Is Sprite good when you are sick?

Yes, Sprite helps improve dehydration and provides necessary sugars that help you in feeling better.

Does Sprite help your stomach?

When experiencing stomach pain due to gas-buildup, Sprite will help remove the excess gas through burping. So in this essence, it helps with stomach pain and upsets.


Sprite can help you relieve abdominal pain, nausea, and a few other symptoms. Even though it helps with hydration, it doesn’t come close to a glass of water, so make sure to drink plenty of water as well.

Consider drinking other fluids like fruit juice, soup, and purified water too. Sprite offers no medicinal value but temporary or permanent relief to many ailments. You should see a doctor and receive proper medication for a full recovery.

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