How To Hide Your Nipples In A Sports Bra (6 Different Ways To Help You!)

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It can be challenging but not impossible to hide your nipple under a sports bra. You can choose a padded, lined, double layers bra that can work wonders for you. You can also use silicone covers or pasties and use band-aids or tape even for a quick and cheap fix. If nothing works, you can always choose to wear dark-colored or patterned t-shirts to make your nipple less visible.

Finding the perfect bra for working out is a struggle in itself. When you’ve got that size right, others issues come up, such as your nipples showing while you work out. While most women don’t face this problem, for others, it’s an everyday struggle that they don’t know how to fix.

While most women don’t care, that’s completely fine, but other women don’t feel comfortable whenever something like this happens. And let’s be honest, being comfortable in your own body is the most essential thing for every person. So, if you’re someone who is displeased when your nipples start showing while working out and want to find a solution for it, keep reading on!

6 different ways to hide nipples in a sports bra

If you’re a self-conscious person who gets worried every time their nipples show through their sports bra, these easy ways to hide it will help you work out stress-free.

1) Different kind of sports bra

A young woman is trying on different sports bras to find the best fit for her.

One easy way to get out of this situation is to buy the right kind of sports bra in the first place to never worry about your nipples showing. With the advancement in time and women living in the 21st century, there are perks to many things, one of them being able to go through various sports bras.

Gone are the days when you wouldn’t get that many options for just a sports bra. But with women working out in gyms, the apparel industry also came up with suitable sportswear for them. You get double layers, padded, lined, and molded cup sports bra to get the proper support and hide your nipples well.

Padded sports bra also comes with removable pad types. Remember to opt for a lightly padded bra. Also, make sure when you’re buying these sports bras you know they will be hot to work out in. So, keep that fact in mind.

2) Pasties

Popular amongst many women now, pasties are little silicone paper-thin type and smaller in size things. They come with adhesive, are easy to stick on your nipples, and usually cover the surrounded area to your nipple.

You can get them in various colors and designs too. These are for one-time use only, but they are cheap. Depending on your gym clothes, you can experiment using these to work out too.

3) Silicone nipple covers

These are similar in nature to pasties. But these can be reused around 30 times before you dispose of them. You can easily wash and store them if not using anytime soon.

The adhesive they come with will last approximately 30 times before it wears off.

4) Band-aid

Bandaids can be a cheap and quick fix for women to cover their nipples if they're showing too much outside the clothes.

Now, this is a cheap and quick fix for any woman facing an issue with their nipple showing when working out. You can place band-aids to cover your nipples, or you can use cotton pads (make-up remover ones) and place them on your nipples.

5) Clothes for hiding nipples

A young woman is holding her yoga mat and is ready to do some yoga outside.

Many women enjoy working out in just a sports bra, so when their nipples show it is a concern for them, the solutions above can work really well for them. But if you’re someone who likes wearing a t-shirt, then there are ways you can use that to your advantage as well.

You can choose to wear loose-fitted t-shirts or something with a thick fabric to prevent the nipple from showing.

If you like wearing fitted t-shirts, you can make things better by wearing darker-colored clothes or t-shirts with patterns to conceal your nipple. You can even try wearing two very thin layers of clothes.

6) Cover your nipple with tape

Yes, you heard that right! Many women are using tape to cover their nipples now to prevent them from showing while working out. Not just for work out, but there are instances when you’re wearing an item of sheer material, and there are times when you want to hide them.

There are various kinds of tapes ladies are using these days, from duct tapes to athletic tapes, which are easily tear-able and breathable too! Before applying tapes in the shape of an ‘X,’ clean your nipple and moisturize them. Then use any of these tapes. But like each to its own, many prefer athletic tape over duct ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do sports bras hurt my nipples?

The number one rule to prevent any pain is to choose the right size of bra for yourself. Unfortunately, many women face various issues with their bras because they don’t wear the right size suited for them.

Even if you have the right size, you might have sensitive nipples. And if you’re an active person, they might be causing pain to your nipples. So try to use pasties, silicone covers, tapes, and other such nipple protectors to provide relief to your sensitive nipples.

Can I wear two sports bras?

You can, but that would be uncomfortable and unnecessary! Just one well-fitted sports bra would do the job. So, if your think you need two sports bras, stop and think, why is it so? Measure yourself and find the right size of bra, then you wouldn’t feel the need to wear two bras at once.

Is it okay to wear a sports bra every day?

If you think your body and chest can handle it, there is no issue wearing a sports bra every day. But due to its functionality, a sports bra is designed in such a way to provide maximum support to your chest while doing major physical activities. If your chest is kept in a stronghold day after day, you might experience slight pain.

How should I wear a sports bra for heavy breasts?

For every size, a sports bra is available in the market. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re heavy, you will find one that is suitable for you. What you need to steer clear is of a sports bra that isn’t adjustable. So, try to find one worn like a normal bra with clasps behind and quickly adjusted.

To summarize

Wearing just a sports bra or wearing other clothes on top of it is totally your choice. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. For many women, they find it easier to work out in just a sports bra. While working out at home is no problem for them, when they work out at a gym, their nipple showing concern a lot of them.

While it is pretty natural and nothing to be ashamed about. We all have nipples, and the same thing happens with men. But if you don’t feel comfortable, there are various ways to make the nipple less visible or completely hide it under your sports bra.

Of course, you can opt for the right sports bra, but if that doesn’t help, using pasties or silicone covers also helps.

Whatever makes you comfortable should be your priority. So, don’t be so concerned, and hopefully, these tips will make you feel less self-conscious about yourself.

Now go and try these on and let me know if these were useful!

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