Does Waxing Upper Lip Cause Wrinkles – Myth Or Fact?

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Waxing your upper lip doesn’t cause you to get wrinkles, and it’s a total myth that needs to be debunked. There are multiple reasons why you get wrinkles on your upper lips, including exposure to the sun, pollution, not taking better care of yourself, and diminishing collagen as you age. You can wax all you want, but it’s never the cause behind you getting fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

When it comes to facial hair, it’s a known fact that every person on this planet has it. While some prefer to hide it, some don’t. Waxing is one of the ways for those who prefer not to have facial hair to get rid of them in one neat and quick stroke.

While there are many ways to choose to remove your facial hair, many people prefer to get it waxed instead.

Getting waxed when you’re young isn’t a big deal, and you might not think about it too much, but things change as you start getting older. So then you wonder if getting waxed is the best of ideas?

Does getting wax on your face like upper lips cause wrinkles? Is all this pulling of skin will leave your skin with wrinkles? If these are the kind of questions you think about, then this article is just for you!

Waxing on upper lip

The upper lip is a part of your face. While some people have fine hair, others might have thick hair, and then there are people with no hair on their upper lip.

A lot of people prefer to get rid of their hair by getting it waxed. Not only your upper lip, but you might also like to get waxed on other parts of your body as well.

When getting waxed, your hair is pulled out from the roots in one clean but painful stroke. The outermost layer of skin contains dead cells, which get removed and cleaned out when getting waxed. Since our outer skin is pretty resilient, it doesn’t get affected that much and can easily handle getting waxed.

Does waxing causes wrinkles?

A young woman is waxing her upper lip area to remove hair.

Coming straight to the point now is waxing your upper lip is actually the root cause of forming wrinkles, then the answer is no.

Waxing causing wrinkles is an absolute myth that needs to be debunked. The problem is that people who prefer waxing might one day wake up and notice wrinkles on their faces as they get older.

Not knowing whom to blame, they end up blaming waxing for it. Thinking waxing and all that pulling of skin might have caused their skin to loosen up and start forming fine lines and wrinkles is their way to console themselves.  

Our upper lip and brow have the most delicate layer of skin on them, so these areas start showing wrinkles earlier than any other part. In addition, our face is the most exposed portion to day-to-day routine and environment. Since there is so much exposure and it’s so delicate, it gets wrinkles earlier too.

Wrinkles begin to appear on your face from an early age but show more as you age. The multiple factors causing wrinkles could be exposure to the sun, pollution, UV rays, smoking, drug use, repeated facial expressions, pulling/rubbing delicate skin, and specific allergies.

Properly getting waxed with frequency will prevent skin damage and its underlying structures. Using the correct type of wax-based on your skin and holding the skin taut when applying and removing the wax will help immensely.

It’s completely safe to say that waxing isn’t one of those reasons which lead to forming these wrinkles in the first place. It’s a myth that all this pulling of skin might be causing wrinkles as there are other factors behind your wrinkles. There isn’t any correlation between waxing and wrinkles.

Collagen and wrinkles

Collagen is an essential protein present in our body in abundance throughout the skin, bones, and muscles.

In simple terms, it’s like the glue that holds our skin together, keeping it firm and taut. But, as we age, we start to lose collagen, and our skin starts to loosen up and wrinkle.

Collagen will surely start to diminish from our body as we age, so it’s inevitable for us to get wrinkles. But with good genes and taking care of ourselves, we can reduce and slow down this process to a great extent.

  • When talking about genes, someone with fair skin will start getting wrinkles at an early age compared to those with more melanin or oilier skin, who will show wrinkles much later.
  • Taking care of yourself, like applying sunscreen whenever going outside to protect yourself from UV rays, might seem like a tiny thing but works like a charm in the longer run. These harmful lights speed up aging, cause a breakdown of collagen, forming wrinkles.
  • Keep yourself from frowning or getting tensed and angry often.
  • Eating healthier meals and working out will slow down the process of getting wrinkles.


Does waxing the upper lip cause more hair growth?

If the hair growth on your upper lip is baby hair and is pretty much fine hair, it’s recommended not to do anything to it since we have fine hair all over our bodies. In addition, removing fine hair will lead to more blood circulation to the hair follicles and thus leading to thicker hair growth.

Is it better to wax or thread the upper lip?

Waxing removes the hair from its follicles, so it may take longer for hair growth to grow back. On the other hand, threading is more like shaving, so it might make your hair grow back faster. People have different preferences based on the pain they feel and their hair growth.

How do I get rid of wrinkles on my upper lip?

People generally use fillers to get even skin and getting rid of wrinkles in the process. These fillers smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles and provide a fuller-looking lip. It’s injected around the lip area.

Is upper lip hair normal?

Having upper lip hair is entirely normal. Every person on this planet has hairs on their upper lip. While some may have lighter hair, others have coarser hair. Depending on whether to hide it or not, every person has different methods of achieving that.

To summarize

When talking about waxing as a means of hair removal, it’s one of the most preferred ways to get hair removal done. While there is a myth going around that waxing might be the cause for getting wrinkles on your face, it’s nothing but just a myth.

While you might like to blame waxing for getting wrinkles, the real causes lie somewhere else. Waxing acts as an exfoliant while removing unwanted hair and has nothing to do with causing wrinkles on your face.

Focusing on taking better care of yourself while minimizing exposure to the sun and pollution is the best way to slow down your wrinkles. So, relax while you’re getting those upper lips waxed.

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