Bubble Feeling In Uterus (Causes & Ways To Prevent It)

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Bubble feeling in the uterus is a common condition caused by several factors, including exercises, sexual activities, pelvic floor disorders, etc. It doesn’t require any treatment unless it’s accomplished by signs such as smelling odor, blood, discomfort/pain, faces, and so on, which need urgent medical attention.

According to health experts, bubble feeling in the uterus can be experienced because of vagina gas or flatulence, which occurs when air is trapped in the vagina.

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a study reveals that more than one-third of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders experienced vaginal flatus.

Besides, it’s shown that many women with no case of pregnancy usually experience vagina gas. Although it’s a common reaction in the female body, it does not usually have any health risks.

But in rare situations, vagina gas can signify some medical conditions (such as vaginal fistulas), which require professional medical treatment. Keep reading to learn more about this!

Symptoms and signs of bubble feeling in uterus

You can have gas bubbles form trapped within your vaginal, which later will have their way out through the vaginal canal, producing anal-sound-like flatulence.

You should know that a vaginal release of air is different from a real fart because it has no gassy odor.

Why does my uterus get that bubble feeling?

There are several reasons you may have a bubble feeling in your uterus.

1. Pelvic floor anatomy

Due to how harmless vaginal gas is and how occasional the embarrassment it may cause is, researchers have given it less attention.

Nevertheless, some conditions of the pelvic floor have been traced to have a higher tendency to lead to vagina gas. 

These common conditions include urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, fecal incontinence, and weak pelvic floor muscles (these are caused by age, childbirth, excessive bowel strain, or being overweight).

2. Exercises

Some stretching exercises that have to do with the pelvic region can make you experience vaginal gas.

An exercise such as yoga can lead to vaginal opening or relaxation, allowing excess air to flow in.

This trapped air can release suddenly during the change in position or pose.

3. Sexual intercourse and feminine hygiene products

Air usually comes in and becomes trapped inside your vagina during intercourse. More air is allowed to enter when the vaginal is aroused, making it expand and contract.

During penetration, there is a possibility that excess air will become trapped in the vagina. This air may lead to the noise of air bubbles when it is released.

Besides, air bubbles, in rare situations, trapped under the diaphragm can lead to chest pain and upper abdominal pain.

Moreso, using some hygiene products (such as menstrual cups and tampons) can make you feel bubbles in your uterus.

When you remove this product or during exercise, the air can escape.

4. Tense muscles

Your pelvic muscles can become tense if you are involved in some activities such as gynecological exams or sexual activity.

With this, bubbles of air can become trapped in your vagina.

How can I prevent the bubble feeling in my uterus?

Below are the preventive measures you can take if you experience a bubble feeling in your uterus:

  1. You can quickly release trapped gas by squatting (especially during urination). But factually, there isn’t any specific way you can prevent vaginal gas. For those that have experienced it, you can testify to how it’s typically painless.
  2. If the bubble feeling persists after squatting down, you can adopt other methods to help the trapped gas move out. You can practice relaxation and deep breathing if the condition is due to tension.
  3. You can avoid physical exercises and sexual activities if they are the leading causes of problematic vaginal gas. Also, you may try to avoid using internal female hygiene products to minimize the risk.
  4. You can reduce the chances of vagina gas through Kegel exercises, which can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

When should I see a doctor?

Even though bubble feeling in the uterus is a normal occurrence, it can, in some rare cases, be the symptoms of a serious medical condition called a fistula. 

A fistula is an abnormal connection or passageway between organs or vessels that usually do not connect. It’s a condition related to vaginal gas, which must be offered proper medical attention.

You should consult your doctor if a bubble feeling in the uterus is accompanied by:

  • Blood
  • Feces
  • Increased discharge/urine leakage
  • A smelling odor
  • Discomfort or pain
  • Inflammation of vagina tissues

Note: You should also see your doctor if the condition develops throughout the day and does not relate to stretching or sexual activity.


Does a bubbly feeling in the uterus cause complications?

A bubbly feeling in the uterus due to the vagina cannot cause any complications. But you may want to know how to handle the possible embarrassment.

How do you know if something is wrong with your uterus?

To know if something is wrong with your uterus, you will notice some common symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycle, heavy or abnormal vaginal bleeding, and pain in the uterine region.


A bubbling feeling in the uterus is not an uncommon phenomenon. If you’re one of those who experience it, you should know that it can be because of the air trapped in your vagina.

So, for you to avoid its occurrence, you may want to take some preventive measures, which are provided in this piece. However, if the condition happens to be a symptom of a fistula, the next step you should take is to consult your healthcare provider.

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