Benefits Of Black Pepper For Eyes – What To Do If Black Pepper Gets In Your Eyes?!

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Black pepper is good for the eyes. The anti-inflammatory quality found in the spice aid in reducing swelling in the eyes. In addition, black pepper contains immune-boosting and antibacterial properties that help in improving eyesight. Being a pungent spice, it can prove to be harmful when it gets in your eyes, causing a burning sensation, tears, and pain.

Black pepper is a great spice to include in your diet for its various health benefits, especially for your eyes. In today’s work-from-home culture, individuals have more than ever developed a habit of staring at the screen for hours, either working or binging shows.

Black pepper is one such spice that can significantly help in improving your eyesight combined with necessary lifestyle changes.

You can find black pepper in various forms such as spray, spirit, and oil. Statistics point out 90% of eye injuries happen in the kitchen, which occurs when black pepper gets in your eyes through any of these means.

This informative post will detail the benefits of black pepper for your eyes and what to do if you get it into your eyes. Scroll down to find out more about black pepper.

What is black pepper?

Black pepper is the fruit of a flowering vine in the Piperaceae family known as the peppercorn.

The drupes from the pepper plant are collected while still green and unripe, then passed through hot water for cleaning and preparing them for the drying process.

Several days in the sun ignites the shrinking and the darkening of the outer seed skin. The crushing process follows after the berries have completely dried up then used on numerous occasions.

Benefits of black pepper for eyes

If you are concerned about the vision of your eyes, then this renowned spice is exactly what you should not miss in your kitchen.

  • Black pepper has immune-boosting and antibacterial properties that increase the strength of your eye vision.
  • The spice helps in decreasing chronic inflammation, an underlying factor in many conditions.
  • Black pepper is an excellent source of potassium that helps in improving eyesight. When the body has low potassium levels, you are likely to face vision-impaired problems. Black pepper helps in balancing the potassium levels that reduce the risk of impaired eyesight.
  • The bacteria that causes cholera or diarrhea can be reduced with the aid of this spice.
  • Women can use it to reduce menstrual pain and improve their sex drive.
  • Additionally, piperine in the black pepper has cancer-fighting properties and can prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

Other advantages of black pepper

Many individuals use black pepper in different ways. Some use it orally to treat asthma, arthritis, and upset stomach.

Applying the powder on the skin can help solve nerve pain, measles, and itchiness caused by scabies like mosquitos.

Also, research shows that black pepper oil can cure skin diseases like vitiligo when applied twice a day.

1. Positive impacts on brain

Black pepper has piperine that aid in the strong development of the human brain. You can avoid brain complications such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases by using black pepper in your diet. 

Once you use the black pepper, you can be sure of improving your blood sugar level.

2. Can soothe addiction for smokers

Heavy smokers can use black pepper oil to satisfy their cravings and smoking anxiety.

On the same line, individuals with a past of dipping, chewing, and smoking tobacco can benefit from inhaling the pepper oil to get rid of their addiction.

3. Cure mere diseases

If you have trouble swallowing meals, research has shown that applying black pepper oil near the nostril before eating can improve your swallowing ability. Use black pepper to treat and prevent headaches, dizziness, and diarrhea.

4. Helps in weight loss

Further, individuals with excess weight will find black pepper immensely helpful in reducing their weight. Frequent use of it in meals can help in reducing blood cholesterol levels, hence decreasing the risk of heart diseases.

What are the side effects of black pepper?

When taking a large amount of the powder orally, it can get into the lungs by accident resulting in death.

Too much pepper for pregnant women is not good as it can trigger an abortion and slow down blood clotting.

Research shows that this versatile spice reduces appetite in some people. The only part with limited side effects is the application of the oil to the skin.

How do you clean black pepper from the eyes?

If a person does get black pepper in their eyes by accident, it can cause immediate acute pain, tears, burning sensation, and even temporary blindness.

It’s a pungent spice, and even a sniff of black pepper is enough to make a person sneeze uncontrollably.

When it comes in contact with your eyes, you will feel severe discomfort for about half an hour. If you accidentally rub your eyes within this short period, there’s a chance of getting scratches on your eyeballs or corneal abrasions.

Although the situation gets resolved on its own within 30 minutes, there are things you can do to help you get some much-needed relief.

Method 1: Wash using the baby shampoo

Wash your hands keenly using the dish soap, and then clean the affected eye area with tear-free baby shampoo.

After washing the affected area then saline rinses the eye, and you might get some relief. The tear-free baby shampoo works as it reduces eye irritations and is sensitive in nature.

Method 2: Use milk

Over the years now, milk has stood at the top over other cleaning agents with no drawbacks. Wash your hands thoroughly, soak cotton into the milk, and then clean the affected patch.

Milk reduces the burn caused by pepper because the substance that causes the heat in black pepper is fat and can be broken down easily using dairy.

Method 3: Wash with running water

A man is rinsing his eyes with running water after he got some black pepper in his eyes.

Most people tend to use this method, as water is readily available, although it does not provide instant relief but works with time.

Remember to use running water when cleaning, and your hands should be clean before choosing this method for relief.

Method 4: Use an ice pack

If you lack the things mentioned above, you can hold an ice pack to your eyes. The ice pack helps cool the burn in the eye and brings relief within a short time.

Method 5: Blink your eyes rapidly

Blinking your eyes rapidly over a few minutes will cause them to produce tears that can help flush the black pepper particles from your eyes.

Comparison Table

Peppercorn VariantHarvesting methodPreservationUses
BlackThe drupes are taken while still green and unripe.Cooked in hot water to prepare them for the drying process.Important in many beauty and medicinal products, mainly in herbal treatment.
GreenFresh and unripe drupes are picked from the pepper tree.Preserved in vinegar or brine. Some use canning, freeze-drying, and sulfur dioxide.Due to their bright aroma, they serve best in Tamil and Thai cuisines.
WhiteSolely contain fully ripe pepper seeds without the outer skin.Socked in water for two weeks for the easier removal of the outer skin through a process known as retting.Commonly used in light-colored sauces, mashed potato, and salad cuisinesRedTaken from the pepper tree when ripe.Preserved in vinegar and brine.Popularly used in Thai, Chinese, and Portuguese cuisine.


Can black pepper cause permanent blindness?

If you accidentally get pepper into your eyes, it will cause acute eye pain and redness. But you won’t experience permanent blindness. Your vision may be temporarily hampered if exposed to excess pepper; some people explain it as a bubbling boiling sensation.

What triggers tear production in the eyes when in contact with black pepper?

Lacrimator is a substance that triggers tear production commonly found in black pepper spray. The chemical causes acute irritations to the skin, lungs, and eyes. Other than tears, you might also experience pain, eye redness, and sensitivity to light.

What foods can naturally boost your eyesight?

There are several foods you can include in your diet to improve your eyesight. Foods that contain Vitamin A and C help in improving vision.

* Raw red peppers
* Sunflower seeds and nuts
* Green leafy vegetables
* Salmon
* Sweet potato
* Eggs

Are black pepper good for the eyes?

Yes, the anti-inflammatory quality found in the spice aid in reducing the swelling in the eyes. In addition, black pepper contains immune-boosting and antibacterial properties that help in improving eyesight.


The benefits of black pepper are many, including improving one’s vision. In addition, this spice is a rich antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Including black pepper in your meals and making it a part of your diet can help you in the long run in improving cholesterol levels, sugar control, and brain and gut health.

But it can also prove to be harmful if you get this spice anywhere near your eyes, resulting in acute pain and other side effects.

Although there are ways you can choose to get some relief, the issue subsides on its own within an hour. If you face a lot of pain and things don’t seem to get better with time, then visiting your doctor should be your priority.

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