Can Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Cause Dizziness? (12 Ways To Calm Down Symptoms)

A man is trying to work, but is feeling dizzy, a symptom from his thoracic outlet syndrome.

The common symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome include pain, tingling, and numbness of your neck, arms, shoulders, and hands. It also involves swelling, weakness like losing your grip, and abnormal changes in the color of your fingers. Due to compression, there’s a blood flow restriction to your brain, which causes headaches, vertigo, and other similar … Read more

Battling Diverticulitis Fatigue: Solutions (10 Possible Reasons & Home Remedies)

A woman is laying down as she feels major fatigue from her diverticulitis illness.

Your body quickly loses energy when fighting an illness caused by an infection like diverticulitis. Other possible reasons could be that you’re suffering from dehydration, lack of iron and sleep, depression, unhealthy weight, and food allergies. Others also could be because of your age, pregnancy, alcohol intake, and antibiotic treatment. Treating diverticulitis with medication and … Read more

Why Do I Hyperventilate When I Cry?

A young woman is hyperventilating from excessive crying.

A wide range of emotional and physical issues can cause hyperventilation. Some causes, such as diabetic ketoacidosis, are medical emergencies. However, severe or life-threatening causes of hyperventilation are usually accompanied by additional symptoms. Stay calm and use nostril belly or nostril breathing to slow and bring your breathing rate to be normal. When hyperventilation is … Read more

Levothyroxine Makes Me Feel Awful – What To Do If Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working?

A woman is taking her Levothyroxine medicine to help with her hypothyroidism

Taking levothyroxine can take some time to make you feel better and show its effect. Initially, it might make you feel unsettled or weird, and you could experience mild side effects. But in about two months, the medication should take effect. Reasons for feeling awful could also include not getting enough dosage, your body producing … Read more

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