Post-Hysterectomy: How Long Until You Can Exercise?

A young woman is showing her post-hysterectomy scar

How soon you start to exercise after a hysterectomy depends on your healing process after the hysterectomy. Everyone’s body is different. Some may take longer to heal, and some bounce back sooner. It is recommended to do the walking as you exercise first to not over-exert yourself. Follow the walking guidelines after a hysterectomy that … Read more

Can I Use Caffeine To Get Better Meditation and Exercise?

Can I Use Caffeine To Get Better Meditation and Exercise?

Caffeine prevents you from getting tired, and increases stamina and strength. It also sharpens your focus making it perfect for taking before meditation, exercise, or both. But make sure you don’t go overboard and become too dependent on this drug. Taking too much of it has some nasty side effects and can even cause addiction. The … Read more

Navigating Anxiety: Understanding Its Forms, Signs, & Healing Paths

A young woman who is feeling anxious is sitting down on her sofa ruminating

Anxiety disorders, varying from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) to Panic and Social Anxiety, significantly impact life. Key causes include stress, genetics, and social factors, leading to symptoms like restlessness and fear. Effective management involves lifestyle changes, therapy, and sometimes medication. Recognizing and addressing these disorders early is crucial for mental well-being. Anxiety disorders are a … Read more

Stages of Social Anxiety: Understanding Your Journey to Overcoming Fear

A young man is looking around instead of socializing with his co-workers

Social anxiety, more than just shyness, is a chronic fear of judgment in social situations, leading to symptoms like sweating, blushing, and nausea. It typically starts in youth and is influenced by genetics, environment, and personal experiences. Effective management includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes, focusing on altering negative thoughts and behaviors. Understanding … Read more

From Fear to Freedom: A Millennial’s Guide to Navigating Social Anxiety

A middle aged woman feeling social anxiety effects and feels lonely amongst her office collegues.

Millennials navigate the fast-paced world of social interactions, and they compromise their mental health most of the time. Social media, jobs, personal life, or lifestyle have pushed them on the edge of anxiousness. Medication, meditation, exercise, real-world social interaction, traveling, and many other therapies can help you to overcome this social anxiety. If it persists, get … Read more

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